Sunday, November 8, 2009

Well, I went with my terrific friend Lois and our moms to the annual Hafen Craft Show this year. Of course we all wanted to spend way more than we would allow ourselves, and I'm happy to report we all got out of there without spending more than we wanted! Whew...well I only attribute my not spending so much to the fact that I had no money to spend in the first place! Even though I had no money magically I left with only spending $30! I was so proud of myself for making a choice of what I wanted! I ended up picking a super cute magnet board with a couple of magnets and two cute Christmas ornaments for the boys. Among the things I truely wished for at the show were a large 3'x3' magnetic board (I can't tell you what my obsession with magnetic boards are lately) and a super cute set of blocks with a block they sat on that said "til Christmas" the blocks were numbered and it was a cute countdown to Christmas! I absolutely loved it....well until I saw the price! $25 for these blocks which would have taken all of my spending money! Yikes!! I couldn't pay for something I know I would be able to make myself, so this weekend I decided to make them myself. My hardworking "Elf" Al cut the pieces for me and I went to work! I can't believe I created something that I could essentially sell for $25! I am so proud of myself! I had to post a picture for you all to see!