Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Happy Birthday Boys! Collin & Braxton!!

Let's sing Happy Birthday!

The good looking gang! Brennen's going to college, Anthony's a Senior, Braxton just turned 14...Dance time, Collin turned 17 and is a big bad Senior too, Ashtyn is expecting her 2nd baby in a few weeks...it's a boy, Brittney is ready to hit the Utah scene for a while!
Brittney & Anthony

Four of Gary & Corrine's kiddos! David, Daniel, poppa Gary, Kim & April

Silly Face!!!

I knew it was time to go when I saw Zai standing at the door looking for his shoes!

Last week April told me that David, Kelly and their two girls were coming to the States and would be visiting Vegas this last week. Gary asked if they could have dinner at her home Saturday night, and always a willing host, she said yes! It was an awesome night of family and fun! We brought over the fruit and tables, Gary & Connie brought steaks, April and Jeremy provided the baked potatos & toppings, Kim made super yummy baked beans & guacamole, and Amy made the best rolls you could ask for! How could a night of food and visiting possibly end? Well it had to end with a half an hour of picture taking! Ha ha ha! It was great to catch up with everyone and just enjoy eachother's company. I love getting together with this family....it's just like when we were kids! I hope next time Bill, Crystal & family can join us! Love them all lots!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Big Help

So my BFF (and probably the only one to read my blog) Lois decided they were ready for a real flagpole in their yard so in June they decided to ask Bro Donald Lawson to come over and change out thier stump for a real flag pole. We were up bright and early that morning too so we headed over with donuts in hand. It was great because Don had no clue where to begin....except at one of the other ward members' homes to look at how he put in his flagpole! Zai was super excited to jump right in and give Don a hand! Once Lois pulled out the tool box it was over! Zai ran right out, pulled out some wrenches, rope and even tried to lift up the sledge hammer! We all had busy days planned out as our young women were getting ready to go to girls camp and we had a super yummy bbq planned. Unfortunately when we got ready to leave Zai did not want to leave with us! We even got in the car and acted like we were driving off! We ended up having to drag him kicking and screaming! It was a beautiful day with wonderful friends and my awesome boys! Oh yeah....and miraculously Don got that flagpole put in and our wonderful red, white & blue looks great each day I drive past the Sanders' home!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Well, I went with my terrific friend Lois and our moms to the annual Hafen Craft Show this year. Of course we all wanted to spend way more than we would allow ourselves, and I'm happy to report we all got out of there without spending more than we wanted! Whew...well I only attribute my not spending so much to the fact that I had no money to spend in the first place! Even though I had no money magically I left with only spending $30! I was so proud of myself for making a choice of what I wanted! I ended up picking a super cute magnet board with a couple of magnets and two cute Christmas ornaments for the boys. Among the things I truely wished for at the show were a large 3'x3' magnetic board (I can't tell you what my obsession with magnetic boards are lately) and a super cute set of blocks with a block they sat on that said "til Christmas" the blocks were numbered and it was a cute countdown to Christmas! I absolutely loved it....well until I saw the price! $25 for these blocks which would have taken all of my spending money! Yikes!! I couldn't pay for something I know I would be able to make myself, so this weekend I decided to make them myself. My hardworking "Elf" Al cut the pieces for me and I went to work! I can't believe I created something that I could essentially sell for $25! I am so proud of myself! I had to post a picture for you all to see!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Like I said, Amy is my very talented, very energetic and very awesome cousin who has a blog of her own. I would love for you all to check it out and if you are loving the pics that I have posted, then give her a jingle and get your own done! She is super talented and takes the best pics I have ever had of my boys! I am just in awe of her view through the lens! I don't think I could rant and rave about her enough...you know I am sure people are seriously sick of hearing about her, but I'm sorry, I won't shut up! I have all the reason to be proud of the great work she does out of her home, holding one daughter on her hip while juggling the schedules of three other kids and an awesome husband. Yeah....I guess I'll shut up now, but only if you promise to check out her page....and if you are ever in Orem.....

1st time on the block...

So I have been checking out my awesome cousin's blogspot for quite some time now amyharrisonphotography.blogspot.com and I just love how she posts all the pics and info she does. I think to myself how does someone find the time to do this kinda thing? Well, I decided to put a half an hour aside and finally create my own! Here we go, not a lot to say, but hopefully I will get better and better at this...I guess I could think of it as a little summary of my day, week, and hopefully not let it get so bad a a monthly entry! Well I think that I have babbled on about nothing long enough, let me get to the good stuff!