Saturday, October 10, 2009

Like I said, Amy is my very talented, very energetic and very awesome cousin who has a blog of her own. I would love for you all to check it out and if you are loving the pics that I have posted, then give her a jingle and get your own done! She is super talented and takes the best pics I have ever had of my boys! I am just in awe of her view through the lens! I don't think I could rant and rave about her know I am sure people are seriously sick of hearing about her, but I'm sorry, I won't shut up! I have all the reason to be proud of the great work she does out of her home, holding one daughter on her hip while juggling the schedules of three other kids and an awesome husband. Yeah....I guess I'll shut up now, but only if you promise to check out her page....and if you are ever in Orem.....

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