Thursday, July 15, 2010

Big Help

So my BFF (and probably the only one to read my blog) Lois decided they were ready for a real flagpole in their yard so in June they decided to ask Bro Donald Lawson to come over and change out thier stump for a real flag pole. We were up bright and early that morning too so we headed over with donuts in hand. It was great because Don had no clue where to begin....except at one of the other ward members' homes to look at how he put in his flagpole! Zai was super excited to jump right in and give Don a hand! Once Lois pulled out the tool box it was over! Zai ran right out, pulled out some wrenches, rope and even tried to lift up the sledge hammer! We all had busy days planned out as our young women were getting ready to go to girls camp and we had a super yummy bbq planned. Unfortunately when we got ready to leave Zai did not want to leave with us! We even got in the car and acted like we were driving off! We ended up having to drag him kicking and screaming! It was a beautiful day with wonderful friends and my awesome boys! Oh yeah....and miraculously Don got that flagpole put in and our wonderful red, white & blue looks great each day I drive past the Sanders' home!

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  1. I love Americana!!! I love America!
    Zaiah is such a bright spirit and I'm not saying that because he's my grandson but because he is!! It's hard to pull anything over him anymore! He really watches and listens! I'm so excited for Pioneer Days! Probably won't make it if it's too hot though! But I will be around to see the fireworks!